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Evolve your Xerte Learning Objects and Learning Designs and improve the learning experience for everyone involved!

Sure this is easy to say and arguably easy to promise that the courses and resources that will be made available here on will help you get the most out of Xerte. This site and the differentiated courses and resources it will eventually contain are very much still under development so we will see. However from our experience over the years that Xerte has existed one thing has been clearly evident - we only know what we know, we don't know what we don't know and we can all identify with those light bulb moments whether it's us that have been guided or another Xerte user we have guided (even expereineced users) that moment when they proclaim: "well I never knew that - I wish I'd known that before I wasted all that time...!"
We hope to build such a comprehensive range of personalised and relevant guidance here that everyone can benefit from high quality resources and support. Watch this space!

Just 3 of our key plans and objectives…


A message from Xerte Academy founder Ron Mitchell

So why should Xerte Academy be of interest to you and whoever you work with?

One of the real challenges with a free and open source project like Xerte is that it's very difficult for what is a very small but dedicated team of developers, to keep comprehensive guidance and other resources up-to-date and in sync with the latest developments. We've certainly been finding this a challenge recently amongst the Xerte Project Team.

"With the launch of Xerte Academy I/we hope to address this with a combination of free and premium resources to facilitate and contribute to the sustainable developments required. I/we hope you will quickly see the benefits of ensuring that up-to-date courses and tutorials are developed and maintained"

Ron Mitchell

Reaching the Globally Xerte Community

Over the last 10 years the worldwide xerte community has grown exponentially. Often this starts with a small number of users in any given organisation and then depending on the support and resources available grows quickly or suffers from resources constraints.

Xerte Academy aims to provide online courses, tutorials, templates, resources and examples to fill this void and support all users wherever they are in the world and in their Xerte journeys. If you need extra stupport for your staff or learners contact us to discuss your requirements >>

Here's why you'll love Xerte Academy

High Quality Courses & Tutorials

Our committment is to always keep these up-to-date with latest developments and bothe the existing and new Xerte features and crucially the teaching and learning affordances these provide.

Download pre-built templates & examples

This will include free resources as well as brand new high quality custom templates, learning designs and examples which push the boundaries of Xerte usage.

Group, Individual & Differentiated Support

Whether you're an individual Xerte user, part of a small organisation and team, or a member of staff or student in a large provider, we aim to provide personalised support tailored to your particular needs. Members will be able to book an online and synchronous support and mentoring session either to get past a point of frustration or to seek advice regarding the best way to achieve a particular goal.

Course & Tutorial Achievements - Badges and Certificates

You will be able to follow and complete courses and tutorials at your own pace and when you choose to do so. Xerte Academy courses and tutorials are about doing rather than just understanding. You will be rewarded by a series of badges and and certificates but more importantly encouraged and supported to make real and relevant progress in your personal Xerte Learning Journey.

Plenty of examples and templates


Featured Example & Xtivity...

This City Themed template is part of a tutorial created to demonstrate how PowerPoint Templates shared for users of more specialist software like Articulate Storline can be re-purposed and made available for Xerte users to benefit from.

Template Features

  • Accordian Navigator Page
  • Easy to add or remove tabs
  • Easily Customizable via Styles Property
  • Easy to share with other users and installations
View the example & tutorial

This site is new and still under development but for now a sample of what existing mitchellmedia customers have said: